Sunday, June 1, 2008

So....How's It Goin'?

Almost a month, I know, but not quite. At least I don't have a zero next to May!

May has been jam packed with fun and excitement! And boy, am I whooped!

Instead of trying to ask my brain to recall the past 4 weeks, I will share my blessings right now:

1. Everyone is well in my house and sleeping soundly.
2. The only rain in the forecast is on Friday, so work should be a breeze this week, until Friday anyway!
3. I had a girls' day out today with some friends and saw Sex and the City. Good movie, BTW.
4. Mom is back from vacation
5. Cheri had a beutiful baby girl this week. Welcome baby Kohen, can't wait to meet you.
6. I know I have many, many things to be thankful for - and I think that's the biggest blessing!

I will get pics and etc. up later this week.


Mommyto3K's said...

Well, it's about time!! Glad to seeing some new postings from you!!! I was a huge Sex In The City fan and would love to check out the movie, but I will probably have to wait until it comes out on DVD. Glad you enjoyed it.