Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wii Are Family

We got a Wii!! Yippee!!!

It was a late Brian birthday/late Mother's Day/early Father's Day present for the whole family. Brian is playing Tiger Woods as Wii speak. He and Landon played Mario Kart this evening and Landon had so much fun. Daddy did, too, of course. I can't wait to get the Wii Fit, but even without it, some of the games have you working up a sweat. I really enjoyed the boxing game, myself. I needed a little break and some water afterwards, but I kicked some arse!!

I'll post some pics of Landon and Daddy racing later. Right now I need to go buy an insurance policy for that thing!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Growing So Fast, And They Can't Slow Down

Landon and I had gone to Target on Mother's Day to pick up a few last minute items before the big get-together at the house. We were talking in the car about things and I see him in the rearview looking at his hand. I watched for a minute while he studied it carefully. I didn't want to interrupt whatever it was that was coming together in his head so I waited for him to speak. A few seconds later he said in such excitement, enough to break my concentration on what he might be doing that I tapped the brakes (just in case, you know), "Mom, look! I am growing so fast!"

"I see that, but you need to slow down", pleadingly.

"But, I can't, Mom. I can't slow down."

And there you have it - the secret to life. From a three-almost-four-year-old. We can't slow it down, no matter how hard we try. All we can do is try to enjoy the time we have for as long as we have it. Stop and smell the roses. I feel a little hypocritical about all of this, because I know that I am always, always, always in a hurry. I am going to do my best to chill a little and relax. They're only little for so long!

And speaking of growing...they're moving up, too!

Kylie is making the move from the Kittens(1-2's) to the Dolphins(2-3's). She'll be in the big girl class and start the potty training phase. No more bibs or sippy cups! She's ready to put on her big girl panties, but Momma's not so much!

Landon is leaving behind daycare for pre-K. No more nap time and more of a regular classroom setting. He is sooooo excited because his new classroom has a robot, a guitar and a computer! My baby's not a baby anymore! One more year and it will be REAL KINDERGARTEN!!!!!

What am I gonna do? We've already decided that I can't slow it down. Any suggestions?

So....How's It Goin'?

Almost a month, I know, but not quite. At least I don't have a zero next to May!

May has been jam packed with fun and excitement! And boy, am I whooped!

Instead of trying to ask my brain to recall the past 4 weeks, I will share my blessings right now:

1. Everyone is well in my house and sleeping soundly.
2. The only rain in the forecast is on Friday, so work should be a breeze this week, until Friday anyway!
3. I had a girls' day out today with some friends and saw Sex and the City. Good movie, BTW.
4. Mom is back from vacation
5. Cheri had a beutiful baby girl this week. Welcome baby Kohen, can't wait to meet you.
6. I know I have many, many things to be thankful for - and I think that's the biggest blessing!

I will get pics and etc. up later this week.