Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kylie the Diva and Landon's New Mittens

Kylie showed off her new outfit this morning before school. Looks like she's walikng the catwalk, eh? She actually let me do her hair, a little. It will be a mess in less than an hour! Landon was cold yesterday so he asked for some glub-glubs (gloves). I didn't know where his were or if we even had two of them at all. SO I ventured to Old Navy yesterday and found a hat and mittens (on sale, of course!) for him. He was so excited to wear them today that he wanted a picture with his Daddy and his new glub-glubs.

Round Two...Christmas Morning

The kids got up early, as usual. After changing Kylie's diaper and making sure Landon teed in the potty before he forgot, we headed downstairs. Landon was in awe. I don't think he knew where to start. Kylie immediately went after the one last cookie that Santa couldn't eat. It took her a while to finish it. She was so busy eating that cookie and carrying around Landon's play-dough that she didn't bother with any of the other gifts. Oh well! Grandma was there to witness the chaos. Amanda, Daniel and Nolan came over a little later that morning and we opened MORE gifts and had a Mexican lunch of tamales (YUM!!!), King Ranch Casserole, homemade salsa (Excellent, Daniel!), black bean dip, and Amanda's famous calabacita. Then topped it all off with Brian's rum cake. I don't think it gets much better than that!
Landon loves his Diego Rescue Pack and Telescope

Monday, December 24, 2007

Milk and Cookies

Landon made special cookies just for Santa and left them out with some milk. I decided it would be a good idea to give Santa a straw so he didn't get milk in his mustache. Landon agreed, and he also couldn't stay out of the decorations, as you can tell by the chocolatey grin!
Kylie was the only one in her class at school this afternoon, so the teacher decided to play dress-up with her and made her Rudolph. Landon borrowed her antlers so he could be a moose while he made Santa's cookies.

My pretty girl in her warm hat.

Christmas...Round One

And so it begins...
The kids went with Dad, Carol, Amanda, Daniel and Titus to the Prairie Lights in Grand Prairie Saturday evening while Brian and I went to my company Christmas party. We're told that everyone had a great time.
We got up and headed out to Dad's on Sunday morning to spend the day and celebrate Christmas with everyone there. Landon and Kylie had such great time playing with their cousin, Amity. Those big eyes - wow!! The kids played all afternoon, we grazed on all the delicious goodies and watched some football. After Rocky and Brandon showed up, the unwrapping ceremony began. Kylie was a bit of a thief. She wanted everyone's gift but her own. Landon was so excited about his new boots and jammies that he couldn't wait to put them on. Here are some pics of the Owens Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Zzzzz...(hack! hack!)

Can I just say that I absolutely HATE being sick?!?!?!? I have had a terrible cough and congestion for nearly a week now. I keep thinking that I should probably go to the doctor, but when would I have time for that? You should have seen me last night...I used one of Brian's BreatheRight strips, loaded up on NyQuil, and slathered myself in VapoRub. I slept rather unfitfully and feeling a little better today. I'll have to do that every night until this goes away, I guess. Luckily, Brian and the kids have steered clear of this bug. I pray that it stays that way!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night('s sleep)!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, I survived. I attended my first-ever professional football game. And, of course, they didn't win...I should have known. It is truly a more enjoyable experience to be there, rather than watching it on the tube. No John Madden. 'Nuff said. It was interesting to see all the "behind-the-scenes" stuff, like the guy who controls the commercial breaks with his huge fluorescent orange oven mitts. There is something to sacrifice by sitting in the aisle seats, however,and it's the constant up and down as everyone files in and out of their seats for beer, peanuts and more beer. I have a huge bruise on my hip, which I can only imagine came from the armrest of my child-sized seat as I made one of many trips up and down. There was this guy in front of us about 3 or 4 rows that had a cowbell. I had hoped that someone would pay him to stop clanking that bell.

Tony Romo was having a rough day, and sadly, the media was blaming it on Jessica Simpson being there. I don't know about you, but he wasn't the only one having a rough day. TO missed a couple catches himself. And wasn't Jessica there on Thanksgiving Day when they won? I hate to even admit it, but for a minute I kind of enjoyed watching Da Boys. I got one of the girly pink jerseys that Jessica was wearing because it was too cute, and in return I promised to watch the rest of the season with my darling husband. I didn't promise not to complain, though.

Go Cowboys!

In the beginning...

Okay, so here's my blog. This was my New Year's resolution last year and the year before that, but like everything else in my life - time is not on my side.

Anyhow, the release of Courtney's blog was the straw that broke the camel's back! I am amazed by her. I don't know how she does it. Raising two boys, running her own business and now a blog!!! You put us all to shame, but we love you anyway! Thanks for the kick in the rear :o) From now on, I will refer to her as WW (Wonder Woman).

Like WW, the goal of my imaginary blog was to keep everyone posted on the kids milestones and achievements and archive them for when the royal subjects are older. To actually put that plan into action is a little daunting, to say the least. That would mean I would actually have to remember details in order to tell everyone else, right? To that I say, I'll do my best. I will ask, however, that if anyone is ever a part of any posts and the play-by-play is a little off kilter, good, bad or ugly, please correct me. I will forever be in your debt. I would like for my kids to have an accurate account of their lives.

So, without further ado...

The holidays are definitely upon us. Our DISH receiver was on the fritz for about a week, so with no TV to occupy us it was shop...wrap...repeat. All but 3 gifts have been purchased and all the rest are wrapped and under the tree. The Little Princess has proceeded to tear all the bows off the gifts and the lower half of the tree has no decoration. Sad, really, but I shouldn't catch her with any more glass ornaments in her mouth. She's like a lioness after a wildebeest for her cubs - snatching her prey when they least expect it. The wrapping paper never had a chance.

Santa came to visit the kids at school this week and pictures were made. Little Princess cried, as I suspected, and Spider Boy looks a little less than thrilled. This is a step-up from the Santa experience at Sundance Square. We waited an hour for Santa to get back from his break because Spidey Boy wanted to see him. We got to the front of the line and Spidey Boy wanted to be as far away from Santa as possible, but still actually "see" him. I put Little Princess on Santa's lap and after she realized I had backed up to get out of the picture, she freaked. Oh well, maybe we'll have better luck next year!

Merry Christmas Y'all!