Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sleeping Handsome (It Can't Be Beauty For A Boy, Can It?)

Landon actually went to bed on his own last night. It was 9:00 - but he went to sleep on his own. He was at the top of the stairs telling me he couldn't turn the tv off so I went up to see what the problem was and he was really trying to turn the tv off. (I just knew it couldn't be that, you know.) I turned the tv off and tucked him into his sleeping bag on the floor. I was rubbing his back and was gonna stay until he drifted off and then, you know what he told me????? Well, Ill tell you what he told me. He said, "I want you to go downstairs." What?!?! I was speechless. How dare he? At first, I told him no because I thought he told me that HE wanted to go downstairs.

Boy, was I wrong. So, I kissed him and tucked him in and went downstairs, pouting all the way. I peeked in on him later, before I went to bed, and he had moved his pillow, blanket and puppy and was sound asleep in his bed!

I was so proud and sad. My little boy isn't much of a little boy anymore. He's already making grand plans for his birthday party - Batman and Mickey Mouse, no less. He's telling me all of his friends that can come and that "Cade can't come because his mom doesn't want to do it", whatever that means. There's no telling how that conversation went. Anyhow, he wants to go to Mickey Mouse's house and Max & Ruby's, too. I told him he could go to Mickey's house when he is 5. At the very least that gives me some motivation to get this 5th birthday Disney trip planned, 'cause you know he ain't gonna forget!!!

Here's another cute Landon story, as told by Grandma:
Sunday morning he wanted to brush his teeth, so I let him. But the last time he was here, he was brushing his teeth and saw that I had a small mirror in my toothbrush cup, the one that you can look at your teeth with (like the dentist has) and he asked me what it was for, so I told him. While he was brushing his teeth, he took the little mirror and was trying to brush his teeth and look at them at the same time, and he said "Grandma, you are wrong, you can't look at your teeth and brush them, too". The way his hands were trying to work at the same time, was so funny, so he put down his toothbrush and tried to look at his teeth with the mirror and turned around and looked at me with his face all scrunched up like he does and said "Yuck". I had to laugh at him. He is so funny.
Thanks for the story, Mom!

For all of you who really know Landon, you know that this photo is a rarity. I don't think I have seen him fall asleep on the couch, during daylight hours, since before he could walk.


Backpacking Dad said...

Aw, take him to visit Mickey before he's 5. I am (not) ashamed to admit that I've taken my daughter to visit Mickey in his house 3 times. She just turned 1. I think she's figuring it out.

Meg (MadWoman) said...

I think a visit to the mouse is in order ASAP.

It's a harsh feeling when they tell you to bugger off isn't it?

DeeDee said...

I can't wait to take my little guy to Mickey's house! He'll be three in July but I'm thinking we may wait one more year. I took his brother to Disneyland when he was about 4 and was glad I waited because he could enjoy it more and to this day, he's 13, he still remembers more of it than I do!

By the way, I found your blog through DadGoneMad. I've posted a complete list of everyone who left their blog link in a post called Blog Rolling With My Homies over on my blog, so if you want to see it come on over and sit a spell. I don't bite..…that hard anyway!

Heather said...

I took my daughter to Disneyworld when she was 4 and she barely remembers it. I vote for waiting til 5. It's waaaay expensive, in my opinion, for a theme park and I think older is better as far as being able to remember the epxerience.